How to find your lost android device using Android Device Manager

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How am I success to find my phone back? Yes, I lost my android device before some days and I also forget to where I put last time. But with the help of android device manager I am able to find my phone back.

Here I explain to you how to use android device manager to find or track lost android device.

Android Device Manager or ADM provided by Google and it is one type of android's system application. It is already install in your android device. You can also free download from Google Play Store. It gives you a facilities to ring, lock and erase your android device remotely.

You have to follow some steps to take advantage of ADM.Remote lock and Erase data feature is already activated but you have to turn on remotely locate this device feature. If you want to take the advantage of ADM you have to follow some basic steps which I describe below.

How to activate or configure android device manager in android device.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Google.
  3. Then tap on Security.
  4. And turn on remotely locate this device feature.
            For turning on remotely location of the device you need to give the location access permission       on the device.
  • For this go to Settings > Location > on location.


Now we take a demo of android device manager and try to locate and ring your device.
Go to Google search and type find my phone or where is my phone.

 You get the below search result page with small map with your android device location. When you click on this map you r redirect to android device manager web interface. Now you can locate, ring and lock and ring your device from here.


 How to find your lost device:

  • Android device manager gives you a screen with your device name and Ring, lock and Erase button.

       This future will not give you a exact location but it gives you a nearly exact location of your device based on your last device location history. 

How to ring your android device remotely:

  • This feature will help you to call on your device remotely. This feature is used when your device is not found at home, office or when your friend hide your device.
  • Important feature of this service is that if your phone is in silent or is in vibrate mode even you can ring the device with full volume.

How to lock android device remotely:

  • This feature will help you to remotely lock your device by changing your screen lock password with your contact information detail with message.

How to erase or wipe your android device remotely:

When we lost the device important things is our data which reside on that lost Google gives you a facilities to wipe or delete your data remotely. This feature will delete your data permanently.

  • Make sure that if your device is power off or not using internet data, you cannot perform above functionality.
  • For taking the advantage of ADM, keep location service on.
  • Important thing is that android device manager use the Location service and it use more power so maybe you will face battery drain problem.


  • After all conclusion is that Android device manager service is free service provided by Google and you no need to install extra application to use this service. ADM is a very useful service to find or track lost android device without using third party application.
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Safe Browsing and Private Browsing

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Safe Browsing and private Browsing is mus need to use when you are surfing net from cyber cafe or college or public computer.Here is the information about the Private Browsing and Safe Browsing.And also i gives you a small but interesting security tips about surfing.  

Private Browsing

When i am surfing a net in my college PC,i forgotten to Sing out my mail account and i don't worry about my account because i was using safe browsing!!

Yes, when you are accessing your account in any public places or public computer at that time you must access your account in  private mode in browser.There is a two ways to secure way to doing surfing in public PC with security.

What is Private browsing?

Private browsing,this feature is enable in browser at that time disable location tracking and data collection feature in your browser.Safe browsing also disable save cookie in your computer. 

What does Private Browsing?

When you are surfing in safe browsing at that time..

1).Visited pages:It's not save any page history by visited by you.

2).Auto Fill: It's not save any form history, not save any text form data which you enter in any form.

3).Password: It's not save any account password.

4).Cookie:It's not save any website's client side cookie.

5).Download History: Whatever you download. It's not save in any download history.

6).Cache:It not save any offline data in your computer space.

How to Private Browsing in Browser:

In Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+P.Then start a new private window or press button shown in images.

safe browsing in firefox

In Chrome press Ctrl+Shift+N.Then start a new private window or press button shown in images.Chrome use incognito mode instead private browsing.

safe browsing in google chrome

Internet Explorer:
In Internet Explorer press Ctrl+Shift+P.Then start a new private window or press button shown in images.

safe browsing in internet explorer

By using this private browsing your are not invisible form server side.Only your history is not save in your computer system.

What is safe browsing?

Safe browsing is provided by the Google. By this services Google gives you a information about the harmful and infected 

websites constantly.So, when you click on any link and that link is affect you then Google gives you a message about that 

site on the page.So user need to read that Google's site list.

Google gives you make API for that and you can easily use that API in your application.For more information about Google Safe Browsing API visit this links:  Google Safe Browsing 
Tips for Safe Browsing:

1).You need to check for browser update regularly and keep it updated. Because when the security issue is created at that time your browser community is solve that.So please keep your browser software updated.

2).Install a Internet security software in your system.Security software is helpful to protect against spyware, malware,etc.Internet security software is easily available in market in freeware and shareware.So please install this internet security in your system.

3)Other important is that you need to try maximum to surf on "Https" websites.Here "Https" denotes, that website is safe for free it has a security certificate.It is safe for visit or make account on that site.

4).And another important is that you are must aware about your downloads.Don't try to download from any sites.Always try to downloads from trusted sites. 

5)Other important is that,when you are making a new account at that time must check it's url must start with "Https" not "Http".

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how to make computer faster

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Computer goes slow is common problem of every user. This problem is common and easy to solve. Make computer faster is very easy and fast. Here is the solution to make computer faster.

Whatever your hardware configuration is, you are suffering from the many problems like computer stuck for some minute after you get output, when you watching movie scene is stuck, etc. Means you need to optimize computer.

These types of problems are occurring due to unused program installed, start program entry, temporary files, some antivirus programs, fragment in disk, etc.Here is step to optimize computer for make faster.

Follow the steps to make your computer faster.

1). Temp folder :

    You need to delete the files from the temporary folder. Temp folder holds the temporary files of the current running program. These files helps that program to run this file. But after closing app, it reside in temp folder. You need to remove this file manually.


Follow this step to remove this file.
  • Ctrl + R. 
  • Type  %temp%  it opens the Temp folder. 
  • Then Ctrl + A Select all folder.
  • Delete all files and you are done.

 2). Disk Clean up :

   You need to remove unnecessary data and files using disk clean up feature. Don’t worry about these file, it’s not necessary to run system. It’s remove the unused files, data and also removes the data from the recycle bin.

          By using Disk Clean up, It’s remove the data from the recycle bin also and your will recover.
If your data is important then follow the below step to save your date from the recycle bin.

Follow steps to save important files from the Recycle Bin.
  • Open the Run dialog box (Press windows key + R).
  • Type shell:RecycleBinFolder.
  • Find out your files.
  • Right click on that file and click restore.
  • Your file goes to its location in your hard drive.
  • .
Follow steps to use the Disk Clean Up and remove unimportant files. 
  • Go to My Computer.
  • Right Click on System Drive.
  • Click on Disk Cleanup.I will scan your files and gives files list.
  • Check all the files and press OK button.It shows you a warning about files.
  • Press on Delete Files button and you are done.

 3). Uninstall Programs: 

       Uninstall Unused or unnecessary Programs from your System. It’s use the disk space and slow your computer.

Follow steps to perform this operation.
  • Click on Start button.
  • Go to program and features.
  • Find out unnecessary program which your have no need or not used by you form many days.

 4). System Start up program: 

      These is programs list which is start or run when your system is start.It reduce the too much time to load your system.It's start execution when system start up.It is not compulsory to execute all the software when system start.They use ram continue.
It's necessary to remove entry in to the system start up program list.



Follow steps.
  • Open run dialog box press windows key + R.
  • Type command  msconfig.
  • Click on start up tab.
  • Find program which is not required to execute when system start.
  • Un check that Program from the list.
  • Click on Apply and OK Button.
  • Then restart computer.

5). Disk Defragmenter:

     When you store or save any data in disk,system allocates randomly location in disk.It means when you or system access that file on disk and they have not sequence location then it will reduce the time for access and your computer goes slow.


Follow steps.
  • Click on start button then search for Defragment.
  • Run this program.
  • Click on Analyze button.After completing analyzing process.
  • Click on Defragment button.
It will rearrange and reallocates the data in disk and also create space. It will make your computer fast.

6). Uninstall Antivirus!! : 

      Ha Ha.., I am not saying that uninstall your all antivirus program.If you have more then one antivirus then uninstall it.

  • Must install one trusted antivirus program an keep up to date.
  • Make scan schedule and scan your computer on that schedule. 
  • Antivirus helps you to keep your computer safe from Spyware and Malware.
  • Microsoft Security Essential is one of the best antivirus provided by Microsoft and its free. 


At the end of the post to optimize and make your computer faster you need to maintain regular and follow the upper steps regularly.  

If you have any problems then free to ask me via comments.I am also waiting for your suggestion,if  you have any ideas or suggestion then give via comments. 

What is tethering and Android Tethering Apps

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What is tethering?

Tethering is the way to exchange data,files,apps between your devices and PC system or share the your data packet to another device with USB connection or wireless connection.Tethering gives you a facility to share data or data-packet to other device.You can make your device as a router or as a Wi-Fi hotspot with tethering

You can connect your devices with your PC with two way, first is tethering with usb cabel and second is without usb means by creating Wi-Fi hotspot.

Some net provider taking a charge of tethering feature and you no need to pay extra money for tethering planes to your service provides.But by using this tethering tips and tricks you can save your mobile bill approx. 10% by using this method.

How to tethering in Windows device?

1).Go to Settings.
2).Tap on Internet sharing.
3).Turn on toggle switch of Sharing.

After tap on done you can access your packet data in Wi-Fi-enable devices.You can also give your network name.And you can keep password with WAP2 security type.

Note :
May be extra tethering charges apply in windows.

How to tethering in Android device?

1). USB tethering :

This feature is help you to make your phone like USB stick.You can easily do with your android device if your device has Wi-Fi feature.

Follow this step:

1). Go to setting.
2). Tap on more.
3). Tap on Tethering & portable hotspot.
4). Tap on USB tethering.

For making USB tethering your phone is must be connect with USB cable to your PC.And you need to have device drivers for windows system.

2). Wi- Fi Tethering :

This feature very important any it is very useful and handy tools for internet sharing.It means you can share internet connection to other devices and easily you can access internet on that devices.You can also put password to keep security and no one can access your data packet. 

Follow this steps:

1). Go to setting.
2). Tap on more.
3). Tap on Tethering & portable hotspot.
4). Tap on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

If your android version is higher then 2.1 then you no need to download any third party software to make your phone as a hotspot or router.

1). FoxFi :


FoxFi is the best and free third party application to gives you a better solution for the tether option.You can easily create your own router with password.
  • Create hotspot without giving root permission to application.
  • keep password with WAP 2  security.
  • check list of connected devices and get MAC address with that devices.
  • Bluetooth-tethering 
  • best is that it is totally free.

2). PdaNet+

It is the paid application to make your devices as a modem.It provides a two application in this,Pdanet and FoxFi. No need to give you a additional root permission to use of this application.

1).Bluetooth tethering
2).Password security to avoid unwanted users.
3).create USB connection and also create your network.

3).Barnacle : 

It is the another best application for crate Ad-hoc from your android devices.You need to give a root permission to this application.It is the free and opensource application.You can also keep security with password.You can get the upload and download speed and data usage.

Note :
You need to download and install some extra third party application which gives root access permission to this application.
Remember that do it your on risk.May be your device or your OS is affected.

Download Barnacle

Conclusion :

It is the very best feature and it is very easy and handy tool for sharing internet connection and use for your devices as a route or hotspot. You can also share data between smart devices and PC using this USB connection and also yo save your mobile bill.

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How to install whatsapp on pc

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WhatsApp is very popular social networking application and you can share files,photos,videos,location and contact to your friends and in your group across the worldwide in free of charge(data chargers may apply).

Are you want to use WhatsApp in your pc? Or you have not smart device and you want to use the WhatsApp. Are you have a old device and it is possible to use WhatsApp and connect with your friends.

But it is possible to use WhatsApp without smart device.Yes,It is possible to use this application in your laptop or PC.You need to follow the below the steps.

For use the WhatsApp you need to have smart device like android device,windows device or iOS device but you use the old device  then you can not use this application.But  don't worry.Here is the solution.

You can use this application on your PC or laptop by using Blue Stacks software on your laptop or PC.

Follow the below steps.

Using Blue Stacks:

BlueStacksBlue Stacks is the android device simulator for the PC.It's gives you a facilities to use the android application in your pc.Blue Stacks provide a platform to run the APK (Android Application Package) file.It is very easy and handy application. Blue Stacks has a user friendly GUI.So you can easily use blue stacks application. 

How to install BlueStack online.

1). Install Blue Stacks applicaton in your PC or Laptop.You need to download this application by visit it's site: Blue Stacks  .

2). Choose your platform and click on your platform tab.After that one file is download.You need to run this file.This files download WhatsApp file in to your device.And after that it is install in your device.

How to install Blue Stacks offline.

You can manually install Blue Stacks in your PC. For this you need to download offline version of that Blue Stacks.

1).You need to search "Blue Stacks offline download" or "Blue Stacks offline installer" in to the Google.

2). After that find out link and download offline copy of Blue Stacks.

3). And install it in to your system.

Install WhatsApp in Blue Stacks.

After successful installing Blue Stacks you need to install WhatsApp in to Blue Stack.You can download Blue Stacks inside the Blue Stacks or outside the WhatsApp. 

Install WhatsApp inside the Blue Stacks.

1.Go to play store and search for WhatsApp.
2.Then click on to the install tab.
3.Wait for some minute.And you have the WhatsApp!!

Install WhatsApp outside the Blue Stack.

1). Search for WhatsApp APK file in to the Google.

2). After download this WhatsApp.apk file.Double click on that file.

Complete.You got the WhatsApp on pc.

Then after create your account in to WhatsApp.

1). Enter your mobile number,WhatsApp create account of that mobile number.Keep that device which has this number is running.It's must need for verification of your account.

2.)  For verification there is two option call or SMS.

      NOTE: I recommended to choose call option. SMS option is take more time then call option.

3). Get the verification code and enter this code.

4). Your account is create and enjoy your WhatsApp.

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Best Free Android Games 2014

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Android Games is trending now days.And you are always looking for how to getting out from stress with use of smart gadgets.Don't worry here is the best android games to getting out from the stress.Here is the list of most downloaded and very popular android games.  

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the best popular gaming in android games.It is most download android games in the android games market in last year and earlier in this year.It has highly optimized graphics.In this android game jack,tricky and fresh escape from the grumpy inspector and his dog is main part of this game.You need to complete daily challenge. You can challenging your friends to complete this challenge. And another things is that you can share your score via social media.


Candy Crush Saga 

Candy crush saga is the most download android  game earlier in this year and it is very popular game ever in whole android game market.It is logical game,You need to use your brain to complete one level or task.It has a more then 300 to 400 level.It's graphics is based on sweets.And when you are complete challenge in specific moves then you can get the award in sweet notation.  


Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the very popular and most downloaded android games in 2012-2013.In Angry Birds you have to create a way for birds by breaking pig's way and pigs.You have a birds power to break them.You can boost your birds powers. It has many stages to play.Angry Birds sounds is also a very good and games graphics is very best and capable to run in low memory device.


Hill Climb Racing 

Hill climb racing is also one of the best downloaded android game.You need to face the challenges while you ride vehicle.This game gives you a option to change your vehicle like bike,truck,jeep,tank,etc.You need to collect coins and you can also upgrade vehicle parts and boosts your vehicles.There is many stages with many different types.


Temple Run 2

Temple run 2 is the best android games downloaded on the android device.By the data on play store,170 million downloads by the users.It has a beautiful graphics. This game is based on the sensors,playing of this game is very easy.You need to collect a points and you can go to next level.


Asphalt 8:Airborne

Asphalt is the best android racing game in android games.It is the very popular download android games for racing.It has the high performance nearer to 47 cares.There is the various different places for racing.There is the various different stages to play.It's graphics is awesome and real.It's music is also good.


download free games on play store

It is the best popular android game since last two years.It is the most downloaded android games and getting high rating from users.I hope you read enjoyed this post.Please leave comments.

Best Android Apps 2014

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AirDroid is best application to connect your device to computer.You can manage your device via computer.You can access your device via internet or intranet. AirDroid is the use when your device is on another place and and you want to access your device or you want to receive your notification on your computer then you can easily with this AirDroid.



1).You need to use the same Wi-Fi network.

2).No USB cable connection required,no Bluetooth connection required.

3).You can view you call logs like missed call,incoming call,outgoing call.

4).You can view your contact,edit your contact or create new contact.

5).You can check your SD card or internal memory files,Add your files via  AirDroid apps.You can easily add files via computer, It means you can transfer your files between your computer and your device.

6).You can install your apps via your computer to your device.

7).You can check your battery level,Network strength,etc.

8).You can show your media files via  AirDroid. You can also transfer your images between your PC and your android device.

9).You can take your screen shot of your device.

10).You can play music via  AirDroid device.

11).You can also take the photo by using your device.So it is use to find your device where to your device.

12).Another important feature is that you can easily find your phone,locate your phone,ring your phone,wipe your phone data when you loose your device,etc.

free android apps AirDroid

UC Browser:

In android device you must have a best internet browser. UC Browser is a best android browser. UC browser has a best feature for is based your need.

UC Browser

1).   Download functionally with file manage- New feature is that  you can  multiple files at a time.
And you no need for wait for download it can download in the background.And when you loose your          connection then also no problem with this because is  get  reconnect automatic when And additional and        Unique feature is that you can store your files on the UC browser’s cloud storage so don't worry  about         your private data.

2). Add-ons on Mobile Browser!! - you can personalize your brows er with add-ons like  Translator,           Facebook and many more.

3). Speed Mode - It is the best feature and it is very helpful to you. Ii has a best  Algo. to detects your            device and  based on that is it display page in your screen. 

4). Customize Themes like desktop browser! - You can change the theme in android browser                       also.Yes,  It is possible in also in smart device. You can set own your photos  form gallery or you can           download themes from UC Browser's center.

5).Cloud Sync - It is very useful feature when you use multiple device or when you choose another                device or you format your device at that time you don't worry.You can easily synchronized your                    bookmarks and history for the UC Cloud.!!

6).Feel like down loader -you can download 10 to 15% faster then simple download. So you can                    download same like in your desktop down loader.

With your fast smart device why you use simple browser.!!

free android apps UC Browser

Hike - Free message:

All user wants to send a message in free of cost. And users find for the best application.
Here is the best application for free message is Hike.In now days so many application is available in the market but why the hike good then other.Here is the feature.


1). Stickers: you send the stickers(clip art) to your friends.

2). Sharing: you can easily share your photos,videos and files to your friends.

3). Privacy: In now days privacy does matters.!! And here is the solution.Your message is encrypted           with 128-bit SSL security over Wi-fi also. So don't worry about your private  message on Hike. No             one can read your message.

4). One another things is that you can sent message to your friend which has no internet. It means that              no need to required a internet connection to receiver.  
5). Another things is that you can invite your friends on hike and you get the balance in your account.

free android apps Hike

PicsArt - Photo studio:

In now days not only enough that you take the photo from the good camera you need to add effect in photos. And one another things is that not all guy is know about photo editing software.But your solution with PicsAtr - Photo studio.It gives you a best effect which built in application.You just need to adjust the effect based on your photo and your need.

1).It has main three functionally Effect,Draw and Collage.
In to the effect it has a different eight category and and each category it has different type of effects.
  •   Effects:  Bluer, Artistic,  Pop Art, Paper, Distort, Colors, Correction.
  •   Draw: It has a draw functionality.In to this section you can draw on a blank sheet.You can also draw   on your Photos.Ans Also draw on a background.
  •   Collage: You create a collage from your gallery and also give effect on that photos.
2).You can save your current work as a draft and whenever you want you can edit easily.

3).One another thing is that you can share this photos on to the social media and its own PicsArt site.

And this tool is totally free.Now you become a photographer with the PicsArt - Studio.

free android apps PicsArt